UK capital Gains Report

It would be amazing to have this feature on Sharesight, especially since there are many UK investors using this service!

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I am about to use the “Sold Securities Report” under the reporting tab for this purpose. As it’s the first time I will use this I will cross-check it with a manual calculation.

You can select a date range for “Show total return on sales between X and Y” and also select a portfolio (so you don’t accidentally run it for your tax-free accounts).

It shows sales value, capital gain, dividends, currency gain etc. There is an almost hidden option where can you change between £ and % . If you export to a spreadsheet you get all fields. What it doesn’t include is purchase value…but I am sure I can an write a formula in the spreadsheet to work that out…or click into the individual line to get the detail. If that was included I think it would be perfect.

Not sure if you have to be on a certain billing plan to use this.

Although a dedicated report would be even better!

Thanks. I think the only issue with using the Sold Securities Report for UK CGT purposes is that it doesn’t take into account the Bed and Breakfasting rule (when you repurchase a security within 30 days of selling it)…I currently use other calculators online but it would be great if it could be integrated within Sharesight as I have all of my trades in there…

oh gosh…you made me realise how much I hate doing my tax return :smile: Manual it is then :sob:

This is great feedback @Tcs106 & @ridoba, thank you for sharing.

@ridoba in the meantime if you need any help extracting the data please feel free to contact our support team via the chat window.

By my reckoning its not difficult to create the information needed to create the information required for the UK CGT return. If you download the sold share report to a spreaadsheet the 'cost can be deduced by adjusting gain or loss as a minus or plus to the proceeds. All I am missing is the transaction date and the job is done. Or am I missing something. I would have thought the Sharesight programmers could do find a way to do that in ten minutes.

Unfortunately, the ‘Sold Securities’ report doesn’t take into account the share identification rules for CGT: CG51560 - Capital Gains Manual - HMRC internal manual - GOV.UK.

I need to work out my UK Capital Gains Tax Calculation for my US-based TECH stocks(GOOG, AMZN etc) for Jan 2022. If there is a Beta program to get this going soon from ShareSight. I would love to join to test it out. Anyone from ShareSight please add me. I am an Expert subscriber.
For the time being, I will use the “Sold Securities Report”, just not sure how it allocates the sales of shares, is it in line with UK CGT procedures??? In which case, I do not need to know the details, I can just use the figure on my Self Ass Tax Form and the job is done, and can get on with the fun business of how to spend it! Can anyone advise? Many thanks. Farshad

As per previous post, the ‘Sold Securities’ report doesn’t take into account the share identification rules for CGT: CG51560 - Capital Gains Manual - HMRC internal manual - GOV.UK

I recently suggested a generic one which can be customized to fit different countries by selecting the allocation method and other settings. Here’s the link in case you want to support it: Capital Gains Tax Report for Spain or a generic customizable one