UK capital Gains Report

It would be amazing to have this feature on Sharesight, especially since there are many UK investors using this service!

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I am about to use the “Sold Securities Report” under the reporting tab for this purpose. As it’s the first time I will use this I will cross-check it with a manual calculation.

You can select a date range for “Show total return on sales between X and Y” and also select a portfolio (so you don’t accidentally run it for your tax-free accounts).

It shows sales value, capital gain, dividends, currency gain etc. There is an almost hidden option where can you change between £ and % . If you export to a spreadsheet you get all fields. What it doesn’t include is purchase value…but I am sure I can an write a formula in the spreadsheet to work that out…or click into the individual line to get the detail. If that was included I think it would be perfect.

Not sure if you have to be on a certain billing plan to use this.

Although a dedicated report would be even better!

Thanks. I think the only issue with using the Sold Securities Report for UK CGT purposes is that it doesn’t take into account the Bed and Breakfasting rule (when you repurchase a security within 30 days of selling it)…I currently use other calculators online but it would be great if it could be integrated within Sharesight as I have all of my trades in there…

oh gosh…you made me realise how much I hate doing my tax return :smile: Manual it is then :sob:

This is great feedback @Tcs106 & @ridoba, thank you for sharing.

@ridoba in the meantime if you need any help extracting the data please feel free to contact our support team via the chat window.