UK HMRC Tax Return Accountants

This is a question for the UK folk on Sharesight. I am looking to find an accountant based in the UK who is familiar with Sharesight. Basically I am looking to avoid the time to extract all the data from Sharesight to upload to their questionnaire. Do you guys have any recommendations? Many thanks in advance.

Hi KennyW
Let me tell you that using Sharesight for your Income tax return is fraught with problems. Whilst the shares you have entered on the system will produce reports you dare not rely on them for tax purposes without checking against original records where you will find plenty of discrepancies. That is my experience this week as I have started to do my CGT and dividend reports.
Sharesight is helpful in that it provides a report- but this just has to be checked so it does save some time. But absolutely not reliable.

Yes, unfortunately, that’s also my experience. I always fall back to providing original records to my accountant…