US Capital Gains Tax Calculation

No idea how many US investors are using Sharesight
but I am one of them. There is much I like about Sharesight
but the lack of a CGT report for US tax purposes is a big miss in my view.
Inability of tracking and/or modifying of cost base for correct FIFO cost base calculation is another big miss. Could it be that there are so few US investors on this platform that Sharesight has no interest/incentive to do something about this? Hope to see some replies from US investors.

I saw many posts on the same topic for UK CGT calculation but no reply from Sharesight that this is in the works.

I think there are few US investors at Sharesight. I am aware of four including myself. I wonder if Sharesight would provide that information, even if it is only a percent of their total clients.

I have asked how many US investors (or as a percentage) are on Sharesight.
No reply yet.

A number of us have asked for UK CGT calculation support for over 2 years now with no luck…

So I wish you guys all the best! :wink:

Sharesight claims to be “Global” but I think most of their users are ANZ. Hence not much incentive to implement CGT outside their home market. Seems shortsighted to me to disregard two of the top financial markets in the world. I would love to use Sharesight for my US CG tax calculations but sadly I can not.

They regret but “…can not share this information…”.
Perhaps it’s only the 5 of us…