Stockfox is a Waste of Time

Following the recent blog post [Get share market advice by connecting Sharesight to Stockfox | Sharesight] (Get share market advice by connecting Sharesight to Stockfox | Sharesight) I looked at Stockfox by taking up the 14 day trial.

Conclusion: Don’t Waste Your TIme.


  1. Stockfox has not implemented the ShareSight API correctly in that it only shows the first 10 shares of your portfolio regardless of the ShareSight plan you are on. Going further I asked Stockfox, why can’t Stockfox show if any shares in my Sharesight Portfolio have tips against them? That is the primary reason I took a look. The Stockfox monthly plan is $25. Either I am not paying enough for ShareSight or Stockfox is not priced correctly.
  2. Stockfox is not on Trustpilot - it is difficult to find any information on what users think about Stockfox.
  3. The Stock tips I have reviewed have been of poor quality or not followed through correctly. For example, LYC.ASX was tipped at $5 something, and then a Stop Loss issued at 4.7 something. At the time of writing LYC was around $11. Then I didn’t understand the tip that Stockfix had for Tesla.

Hi Pasgro,

Matt from Stockfox here. Thanks for the feedback. As a new digital share market advice app, albeit one with a very experienced research and analysis team providing the advice, we’re always looking for ways to improve.

We launched the Sharesight feature with the ability to show up to 10 holdings as an initial introduction. We’re currently working now on increasing that to show users’ full portfolios.

We also like the idea of indicating which holdings we’ve issued Stockfox tips for. We plan to introduce that feature shortly. We believe the Stockfox and Sharesight integration will go from strength to strength in the coming weeks as we roll out more functionality.

It’s very useful to learn that you, and surely others, look to Trustpilot for consumer reviews. We have customer testimonials on our website home page and reviews on our Facebook page, but we understand Trustpilot provides an additional, useful source. We’ve set up a page on there now and will add a panel to our website.

Regarding tip performance, as with all investments there are risks. The performance of our advice in the aggregate, as shown on our website and in the app, has provided good gains over time.

We’ve looked into the historical Tesla tips and believe we can see where the information presentation could be improved. We’ll make those changes in the coming weeks.

Thanks again. All the best with your trades.

@mattw Thanks for the prompt reply to my review. I sent an email when my trial was ending but I never received an answer so hopefully this information will prove useful to future users.

Thank you. I see the email response we drafted to your earlier message didn’t go out, unfortunately. I’ve now sent it. Kind regards. Matt