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Hi JessInvest, I have been using ShareSight for more than a year. It all started when I attended a presentation at the Australian Shareholders Association. I have been investing in shares since about 1990 when the CBA was privatized (I worked for the CBA). In May 2002 I set up my SMSF and had developed a simple Excel program (that I still use today) to record and monitor transactions. I was also using BGL 360 Accounting program to produce my annual return and StockDoctor to help analyze investments. I was amazed at how simple it was to convert both the SMSF and personal investments to the ShareSight Platform.
I daily monitor and update transactions - I don’t have to worry about the ASX listed investments because that are automatically captured (none are missed) I only need to confirm them. I mostly invest in ETFs and at the end of the fiscal year I enter details from the Tax Statements and the ShareSight Program produces information to assist with my completing the Taxation Return using the Taxable Income Report and Capital Gains Tax Report. I also use the Unrealized CGT Report to determine the best shares to sell to offset any capital gains.
I wish that this program was available when I first started investing - it is a godsend.


Hi John,

Don’t tell them that. They will put their prices up. This is our best kept secret.

Noted - but that could be a deathknell.