RSUs and the "30 day rule"


In Australia, there’s something called the “30 day rule” for Employee Share Schemes / RSUs. Details here.

One implication of the rule is that if shares are sold within 30 days of vesting, no CGT gains or losses arise from the sale.

I don’t believe Sharesight currently has any understanding of this, and as a result the Capital Gains Tax report will yield incorrect results for RSUs.

The ability to nominate specific shares to sell would probably be a prerequisite for properly supporting RSUs, as otherwise Sharesight can’t know whether it needs to apply the 30 day rule or not.

Are there any workarounds people have found for handling Australian RSUs in Sharesight? And is there any chance Sharesight will ever have proper support for this situation?



Great point, at the moment I just give my accountant my ESS and tell him to ignore the stock in any sharesight reports. Would be great if Sharesight could support RSUs from a CGT perspective.