Stop Loss Tracking / Market Exposure

I would really like the ability to be able to enter/track a stop loss price level on each instrument / holding ?

Coupled with the ability to produce a report that shows market exposure based on Stop Loss Limits.

This would be really handy when planning cash levels and understanding what a crash would do to your returns.

Bonus points if Sharesight could sync stop losses in from Interactive Brokers. (A man can dream right :rofl:)

Is anyone else interested in similar features ?

Permanent Trailing Stop is something I’ve done for many years. Not sure if that is what you had in mind.

Yep any and all type of stop loss orders.

I’m most interested in gauging my perceived market exposure in an automated way.

I can do it via a spreadsheet easily enough (which I already do), but would love to have it automated so that I don’t need to manually adjust it all the time.

What I did with my RMD , which I wanted to take profits on since it was $28 , put in trailing stop loss but not with the SP but if the SP drops by 4% rather , so I don’t have to change it upwards every day . Am lucky with this one as its still rising and it hit another new all time high today ( undeservedly so imo as it’s competitor Phillips had some issues , rather than RMD it self having higher than expected earnings) As the SP rises so does the stop but I have no doubt that sooner or later it will drop by 4% and stop will kick in .

It would be quite difficult to automate as there are lots of different flavours of stop loss. You can put one on based on a certain market volume or percentage movement from any high etc. I think the core purpose of Sharesight is to help you gauge your returns, your portfolio positioning and help with tax reporting. So although not a bad feature idea, I do not see it as core.