Feedback from new user

I’ve just finished my 7 day free trial with Sharesight. It looks like a fairly decent product, although there a few gaps that make it rather frustrating to use. I’m going to give it a year and :crossed_fingers: the product continues to improve.

Key improvements I would like to see (in order of priority).

  1. Broker - Ability to tag transactions by Broker! There really should be a separate ‘tag’ for broker. If the answer is a broker per portfolio then the number of portfolios needs to be dramatically increased.
  2. Cash accounts - Virtually useless in current setup. Ability to select cash account by trade → Cash Accounts - select per trade
  3. Portfolios - The number of allowed portfolios is woefully low. I would need 10 portfolios based on current tax requirements in the UK and NZ. e.g. ISA, SIPP, Kiwisaver, EIS, General, etc.
  4. Crypto - Need more crypto prices. Very easy solution to fix….?
  5. CSV uploads - for cash, dividends, etc
  6. Reporting - is good but doesn’t give you much flexibility. Ability to generate basic custom reports e.g. run a performance report excluding certain stocks.
  7. Groups & Labels - Confused by the difference between ‘groups’ and ‘labels’. Labels seem like a dumbed down version of groups - you can’t use labels in a number of reports? Groups are limited but what is the purpose of labels?

Would be great if there was a public roadmap to see what is upcoming.

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I took the plunge last September and I am really glad that I did. You don’t see the value of the product until you’ve been running for a few months and then can start reporting. I hold about 50-60 ETFs and stocks, and in minutes I can evaluate my performance over different time periods for the various custom groups that I have setup. Just this morning I grouped all my ETFS by the Morningstar style box categories (size x style) and spotted some underperforming areas I will move out of. There is absolutely no way I could have done that manually across my multiple brokers.

I agree with with all of your comments. I would add one more…there should not be a limit on custom groups. 5 custom groups is insufficient. Every month I think of another way I want to group and report on my data.

I see limits on the number of portfolios and custom groups as an attempt to stop Professionals using the retail product for multiple clients. But putting my “customer obsession” hat on, there needs to be another way to force the use of the PRO version for professionals, which does not impact retail customers.

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Great overview @lucas,

Have a look through the rest of the posts here as a few of us agree with your comments, particularly for Crypto and Cash Accounts.

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Good to hear you have found it valuable.

Agreed re limits to portfolios and groups. It seems a big limitation to retail users. Hopefully they can come up with a sensible solution.