Performance of Individual Stock Buy Transactions

• What feature do you want to see in Sharesight?
I would like to see performance (at least %, but $ would be nice as well) of my individual buy transactions. Ideally it would be through a report, similar to the All Trades Report, with the ability to specify data range parameters to narrow down the qualify trades if desired.

Icing on the cake would be to support comparing to a benchmark (QQQ) for each trade.

Why do you want it?
I make multiple investments in a company over time and it would be informative to know how well each of my individual buy trades performed.

• How is this affecting you?
Fidelity provides this, though they only provide Total Gain %, not annualized. I can’t get it in report form though. I would like something similar in Sharesight.

• Do you currently have a workaround solution? If yes, what is it?
I used to try to track it in a spreadsheet, but with well over 500+ buy trades, it is to much work to manage.

• Can we reach out in future to ask follow up questions about this idea?