Performance of separate contributions to same holding

Is there a way to view the performance of individual contributions to a holding over multiple years ?. For example if i bought 100 shares in 2020 at a price of $10 and then topped up the same holding in 2021 with a further 200 shares at $12; how do i view the performance of the shares bought in 2021 alone ?

I think you can click on any holding in “Overview”, and view what you paid for any group of shares if you scroll down to the table of holdings. I am not sure about how you separate out any dividends paid. I have not yet received any dividends on my current holdings in Sharesight.

The issue is when viewing your holding, if you have added to it over a number of years at irregular intervals, you only see the overall return on the total holding.

Recently Ive been doing this manually by using a test portfolio and entering a single trade and running the report.

Its very insightful as you learn which buys (or sells) were timed well or not
In some cases some of my buys for the same stock over last 5 years show a return of around 30-40% and others around 15%. Because I bought during one of the market panics.

I think this would be a very useful report for serious investors to use.

Ive got it on my list of things to write software on to produce for myself using the Sharesight API.
But it would take a lot of API calls to generate a report for a single stock.

I think that this would be a really meaningful report. Like how did I go with all the shares I bought in the last year. Because past good returns mask how you are doing lately.