Foreign Currency reporting

There is only one real want from me on your platform, and that is to report in USD/AUS/EUR and GBP.

It seems a shame that for this one need that I (and maybe many others on the forum might have?), that you are expecting us to move up from the Investor plan to the Expert plan.

That is a big bump up in costs, when none of the other features are of significant interest to an investor like me.

I posted this straight away as your kind invitation to join the forum mentioned the below…

This is not criticism, by and large I am happy with the product as is

Hi ,
We couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to the brand new Sharesight Community Forum. We invite you to be a part of a community of like-minded investors from around the world where you can:
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Agree 100% here. I’m an AU client. I have the investor plan, a US brokerage account and an Australian brokerage account. 90% of my stocks are held in a US brokerage in USD, and being able view totals, performance and reports in that currency are core features, and not one I’d expect to have to upgrade to an “expert” plan.

I believe should be able to look at my US brokerage account’s total holdings + daily performance, and be able to see the same numbers reflected in the Sharesight interface. Not being able to do so even makes it quite hard to quickly validate an import

There should at least be summary grand total information in each currency.

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