Sharesight with USD cash account


I’m new to Sharesight so I’m assuming this issue has been raised before. Hoping there is an easy solution.

I trade shares on Commsec International which operates with a USD cash account.

When I open or close a position, no transfer into AUD is necessarily made.

However, Sharesight requires me to state an AUD to USD exchange rate on each transaction I enter into my portfolio.

Is there a way I can use the initial deposit as my cost base for USD and not provide an exchange back to AUD rate?

Hi @AngBP thank you for sharing your feedback. All your trades will be converted to portfolio currency for tax and performance reporting purposes. The only way to stop the conversion is by creating the portfolio in your trading currency, but then it will impact the availability of your tax reports.

For AU tax reporting purpose, you do need to capture the value of each transaction translated to AUD using an applicable exchange rate, not just capture the value in the actual currency.

CommSec International is a rebadged subset of Interactive Brokers features. With a direct Interactive Brokers account, you could setup an IBKR to Sharesight data feed so that listed securities trades are automatically fed through next day, including the applicable IBKR exchange rate.

I am not sure if such facility is available through the rebadged CommSec International though.