Bingo Delisting

Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows how we handle the BINGO delisting in Sharesight, if we chose “Mixed Consideration” of cash and unlisted scrip?

Hi @damo have you received any specific instructions for this corporate action?

Not yet.
Just keen to see how I put the sell and unlisted scrip into Sharesight to track performance.

Hi, would you have any guidance on how we should handle the bingo corporate action in our sharesight portfolio? Especially for the mixed consideration of payout and unlisted scrip? Thanks

Hi @damo as per this scheme booklet, to record the mixed consideration in Sharesight;

  1. add a fully franked dividend of $0.117 per BINGO share held as of the special dividend record date announced
  2. add a Return of Capital entry for $1.32 - $0.117 per share
  3. Add a cancellation entry at cost so no CGT arise (considering this is not a CGT event)
  4. Add a custom investment for the unlisted shares at the same cost