Does Sharesies sinc with Sharesight

I have an account at Hatch which sincs fine with Sharesight. I am thinking of switching to Sharesies as Hatch only operates on the US market and Sharesies operates NZX and ASX also.
Does Sharesight sinc with Sharesies please ?

@robv Unfortunately Sharesies does not sync with Sharesight.

My wife and I both have portfolios with Sharesies and think it’s great - with one glaring exception. IMO the portfolio return information that Sharesies gives to its clients is woeful. Their percent return figure is simplistic, inaccurate and misleading.

Their dollar total return figure is difficult to follow and Sharesies does not provide full and proper information. This is because, for foreign currency investments, they do not show the portions of the return attributable to price changes and exchange rate changes. They just show a lump sum (and even that is difficult to verify from what little info they give you).

I have discovered Sharesight literally this morning and found that the beautiful thing about it is that it DOES automatically show both price and FX gains/losses. I have just loaded my Sharesies data into Sharesight - and now I have access to important information that Sharesies will not show me. Sharesight is simply brilliant.

I think it would be a marriage made in heaven if Sharesies partnered with Sharesight. I would love to see Sharesies syncing across to Sharesight, if Sharesies are not able to give full and accurate info.

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Yes, knowledge at Sharesies is sometimes lacking. I asked about Sharesight and the replies showed that the person was unaware of even what Sharesight was.
I have a Hatch account and transactions sinc with Sharesight fine. It is very user friendly and efficient, but I would like to have NZX and ASX options which I currently have with Direct Broking. DB fees are exhorbitant compared with Sharesies and Hatch.I would like to keep my Portfolio in one place, so I have started an application with Interactive Brokers - but it is real complicated. This application process is real easy on Sharesies and Hatch. I haven’t studied their returns reporting so I cant comment - I am happy with Sharesight for that

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Yes, the quality of the responses from Sharesies that you get to any queries that you raise via their Chat etc, is very poor. You need to get in contact with one of their more senior people.

Hi @Robv @eracode :wave:
I believe Sharesies has an option to download your historical trades in to a CSV format. You might have to do some changes to the file to match our standard csv file format and it can be imported through our bulk CSV importer feature.
However, we are working to support a csv file mapping for this report soon.