Additional Reporting Periods Needed

Seems that some useful reporting periods are needed

  • Last Calendar Year (vs Last Year=Last 12 Months)
  • Last Financial Year
  • Last 3 years (this is useful between 2 and 5 years and fairly standard)
  • Custom Period (specify start/end date)
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Agree. I’ve just logged on to take a look at last calendar year performance (ie 2023) for my portfolios & it seems to be missing from the drop down box.

Hi @zavatari @madonna.mcmahon our ‘performance overview page’ is designed to view the current portfolio position, but you can refer to our ‘performance report’ to view the same performance information for any custom date range.

Hi @Piumi_Sharesight

Using the the Performance report is very time intensive vs just having more options in the standard reports.

You have to work out the specific dates and manually enter them.
Takes a few minutes - whereas you just want to select an option or enter a custom range from existing reports

Not very user friendly