Custom performance date ranges & rolling periods

Generally my suggestions come down do more customization when viewing performance over different time periods.

It would be great to be able to set custom start and finish dates when viewing performance at the overview and holding level, (noting that this is already available in the performance report, but does not include graphs). But particularly this would be useful in the Share Checker feature.

Building on the above, another tool that would be very useful for Sharesight users would be rolling periods. i.e being able to analyse your portfolio or a specific position as the average of 6 month rolling periods within the last 10 years (or any combination of options). This could give a more accurate long term view of performance, compared to just the last 10 years annualised.

Bonus thought: The ability to add multiple stocks/positions in the share checker and view within the same graphs / summary tables (including across different exchanges or asset classes).

Interested to see everyone’s thoughts :slight_smile: