Last Financial Year Review

Hi, Can I suggest a new dates feature for the overview page? I’d like to review the positions for the last financial year - just ended 30 June in Australia. There is no drop down option for this on the overview page…just “Last 12 months”, or “This Financial Year”. Could we please have the “Last Financial Year” as an option?
I’d like to see how the portfolio did.
• I don’t really want a workaround solution. I want it easy and right in front of my face. I have it for my Reckon accounts & business, and in their reports section too. It’s very useful to see how you’re tracking.

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I agree 100% - the most fustrating thing about ShareSight is the lack of custom date filtering on the portfolio.

This is the 3rd post asking for this feature (including one from myself)

Come on Sharesight Product Team - are you listening?