Year End totals

What is the best way to get YEAR END totals - either calendar or financial year ? Objective is to compare year-on-year performance.

Hi @EA69 we actually have a report that will allow you to do this, our Multi-Period Report:

I don’t really understand what that report is telling me. I’m expecting to see something like 100,000 in the first selected year, 110,000 second year, 120,000 in the third year, and so on. Seems to be doing it for the period of two days, 30 and 31 Dec of the first year, then repeat for successive years might do it ?.

@EA69 Can you download your report into a PDF file and send it to our help team directly? We’ll take a look into this :+1:

The PDF option is greyed out and noted as ‘comimg soon’ (att). I really have no idea what the attached report tells me, but what I was hoping for was the actual value of our portfolio at the end of each calendar or financial year so I could graph/compare end of year totals over time.
Good to see that CHAT is working again.

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