What investment tools do you like, and why?

Here is my list of favourite investing tools.

Sharesight: I mainly use it to track past and future expected dividends and to compare portfolio vs benchmark. Investor Plan $216 per annum.

Marketscreener: My first port of call for research on any global stock. Premium Subscription £480 per annum.

Tradingview: Best for charting anything including stocks, crypto, currencies, futures, and economic statistics. Premium plan $599.40 per annum, or $287.76 if you can wait for the Black-Friday sale.

FT: Great for business news. I use it for stock screening globally, and I like the (hard to find) Data Archive - London Share Service to see the discounts on the universe of Investment Trusts. Standard Digital Subscription: $215 per annum for first year, $251 thereafter.

SimplyWallStreet: Very similar to Marketscreener above. Analyses individual stocks globally, and analyses entire portfolios. Also has an excellent stock screener. Unlimited plan: $240 per annum.

Marketwatch: Has info on global stocks. I don’t use it much, as it does not seem to have anything extra compared to Marketscreener. I use it to get free access to Barrons and WallStreetJournal. MarketWatch Barron’s Premium Subscription: $12.99 per month.

SeekingAlpha: Has info on Global Stocks. The earnings call transcripts can be useful reading if you are seeking an under-reported nugget of information. SeekingAlpha Pro plan: $199.99 per annum.

Medium: Articles about everything. I like to read the crypto ideas. $50per annum.

Reuters: Lots of general and financial news, but no stock specific info. Free

OANDA: Perfect to calculation what on currency is worth in any other currency, either now, or at any historical date in the past. Free

Bloomberg: Looks good if you can get the free stuff. Lots of stories I want to read. $199 annual digital trial - with annoying ads, and $450 thereafter. It’s not worth $450 so I will cancel before the year is up.