Daily performance

Hi everyone
I’ve taken out the 7 day trial with the Expert Plan.

I’ve switched from Stock Market Eye, which you may know has now closed down and found it reasonably easy to do.

I really like the way that returns are listed with a mixture of capital gain along with currency gain and dividends.

What I can’t see is any way to see what’s happening today? i.e. total gain/loss since the market opened. Am I missing something?

Hi @peter, welcome to Sharesight! If you set the date option to ‘since yesterday (close)’, that will show you the daily gains/losses.

Let me know if you have any question. : )

Hi Ricky
Yes, I’ve found that now and am using it.
I’m not sure if you work for Sharesight? But if so, here is what I would ideally like:

  1. A view which shows todays gains/losses in red or green along with the gains/losses for a specified period.
  2. A view which shows the portfolio totals, as above, with the facility to click into the full holdings report.

The UK Financial Times offers just this and it’s really useful for getting a quick look at your positions.

Best wishes


Hi @peter thanks for the feedback. re point 2, can you provide more details? The total portfolio value is available on the overview page. Or do you mean for a custom date range?