Vested shares - how to capture in sharesight

Hi, I have a number of stocks provided by my employer that have vested and wanted to ask how others in this situation record it in sharesight?

As the shares were given to me, the purchase price for me is $0. However, since there is no option to put the shares as $0 value, I’ve just been giving it a $0.01 value as a workaround.

Perhaps I should just leave the purchase price as the price of the stock on the day of the vest?

Any advice on others who are tracking their vested stock?


Hi @summit ,

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This blog should give you the answers you seek.

Hi Jeesinv, I read through the blog but still not clear. For shares that are vested, how do I set the purchase price of those shares? Is that the price of the shares on the vest date, or should I set it as $0? I did not buy the shares so there was no cost to me.

thanks for the awesome information.