Accurately entering Whitefield SPP shares in Sharesight

We recently subscribed to the Whitefield Share Purchase Plan. We received 1 more share than expected as it seems they rounded up, even though the remainder was only .188 of a share.
How can I enter this accurately into Sharesight in terms of the total price paid? When I enter the trade manually (number of shares received @ cost per share), it shows us as paying $4.48 more than we actually paid in total.

Hi @freedomfund, welcome to the forum! :wave:

I think there would be two options here;

Firstly, check the cost base of this purchase plan to see if it’s different to what you paid then adjust the price per share in the trade to match the total you’ve spent.

If it’s completely independent of your cost base, and these .188 units are simply a bonus, then manually add a bonus trade of .188 units.

If anyone in the community has gone through a similar path, we’d love to hear your thoughts :grin: