Bug with importing SelfWealth trades

Hi Sharesight,

There is a (major) bug with importing SelfWealth trades into Sharesight.

When I imported my trades, it missed about 50 (a third) of my brokerage cost fees.

If the brokerage is on a line before the trade (in the csv file from Selfwealth) then Sharesight ignores it. Only if it’s after then it imports it correctly. So this means you may be over reporting your capital gains.

This meant for the Capital Gains Report for 2020/2021 it over reported by about $500.

I’m sure this affects many other users too who may be unaware of it and paid more tax than they needed to.


Hi @videlity, welcome to the forum!

If you haven’t already, can you reach out to our support team directly regarding this one to investigate further?