Issue importing portfolio from Pearler

Hi all,

I’ve recently changed brokers to Pearler and am having issues importing my holdings into Sharesight. I’m new Pearler I haven’t technically made any trades through Pearler, despite my large portfolio. I’ve made a portfolio in Sharesight and followed the instructions given by Sharesight to attempt to import my holdings from Pearler into it.

I keep getting a message from Pearler up on my screen that states I have no transactions to sync, although my Pearler account does say I’m synced. No holdings are showing up on Sharesight. The Pearler haven’t been able to figure out the issue either. Has this happened to anyone else on this forum?

Hi @Some_Guy! As there’s no trading history, there will be nothing to sync, even though you have holdings on your Pearler account. With our imports, it’s looking for trading history, so any transfers from brokers won’t show up or be imported.

If you can get your trading history out of your previous broker, you may be able to import via one of our other supported broker imports. Or you can enter your holdings manually as opening balances.

It’d be best to reach out to our support team directly (if you haven’t already) via the chat icon in the bottom right corner. We’ll be able to guide you further with this. Your ongoing trades should import with no issues :+1:

I too recently moved all our shares to Pearler.
I’m wondering how this will work too, particularly the reinvestment payouts which occurred because of the transfer.

Hi @Phat_Pat!

With all of our integrations (including Pearler) only trading data is synced across. When you move brokers, only the number of shares & their cost base transfer across, so there is no trading data to import via the integration.

If you can access the trades from your previous broker, you can import either via our CSV importer or the broker import. Otherwise, you would have to manually enter the opening balance & cost base details as it is stated in Pearler :+1:

So I am not worried about trading data, because the cost base is still recorded from the original broker purchase in my case Comsec, and synced in Sharesight, not that the holding as with a different broker from sharesights recording the number of units of each holding hasn’t changed.

The question is - most of the holdings had DRP or DSSP and the credit owed before the transfer was paid out. This distribution is what I am referring to. with how should I record that in sharesight.