Tips & tricks when setting up in Sharesight

Setting yourself up in Sharesight can be a really simple process, but if you make a mistake early on things can get a little tricky. I thought I’d share a few tips and things to watch out for. Hopefully others will share their thoughts as well to make setting up easier for everyone.

Setting up with the correct portfolio currency

A portfolio in Sharesight represents a single tax entity. The tax residency (country) of this tax entity should reflect the primary country you pay tax in. Before getting too deep into your setup, perhaps click on settings, then basic details to check you have the right tax residency. If not, you can simply delete the portfolio (this will delete all data in that portfolio) and create a new one with the right tax residency.

Importing your historical data

Even if we don’t support your broker, importing your historical data is a simple process if you use our standard csv import template, You can follow our instructions here.

Importing your ongoing trades

You can automate the ongoing import of trades using our trade confirmation feature. The setup is really straight forward, we support a huge number of brokers and are continually adding more.


Thanks for sharing @Ben .

For video tutorials you can also check out our Youtube series: Sharesight - How to add a holding manually using a buy trade - YouTube

How do i remove data that i have imported into the portfolio incorrectly ?.

It has corrupted the portfolio file, and now my portfolio data is meaningless.

Export your trades using the All Trades report and use this to create a new portfolio (CSV trades import).

Once your happy with the new portfolio just delete the old one.

Hi There,

I’m relatively new to share investing, CMC and Sharesight. I’m having a fairly fundamental problem, so sorry if this seems like a dumb question. About 6 days ago I created a Sharesight account. The primary reason is to obtain a “Taxable Income Report”. The problem is when I click on the blue “View Report” button, I get a red error stating:

I’m pretty sure this cannot be correct, as I’ve been buying Shares since October 2020, receiving dividends, and a small amount of interest in the cash holding account.
Have I not linked something up properly?
Or does it take a while for the information to transfer from CMC to Sharesight? ie, longer than 6 days?

Any help or pointers is appreciated.



No sure if this is related or not?
I found the Integrations tab, and it confirms I have granted API access to “CMC Markets Stockbroking” on the 01 Sep 2021.
However, Email Notifications set to “Off”

Does this all sound correct?



Hi @Dan,

It could be that your historical trades haven’t imported successfully.

If you contact our support team using the chat box below they will be able to look into your account specifically and help you fix this up.

Thanks for choosing Sharesight.