Report in exchange currency, not tax residency currency

Hi, after evaluating Sharesight some years ago, I have returned for a second look. This is my main concern, is it still not possible?..

I have a portfolio in NZ, but am not an NZ tax resident, so I do not want to apply the NZ resident tax regime. Rather, I want the appropriate non-resident regime applied. This is easy enough by setting up a portfolio with my non-NZ tax residency. However my understanding is in this case, the portfolio is converted to my residency currency, correct? But I do not want that at all. I want my NZ portfolio performance valued and marked in NZD. Not my tax currency.

->Is this possible? Portfolio with non-resident setting, that is still reported in NZD?

Alternatively, is this a viable work-around: setup the portfolio as a “fake” NZ resident to ensure NZD reporting, but then edit all dividend income flows to reflect the actual tax deducted on a NRWT basis. Doing this by editing the RWT value in the “Edit a Payment” form.

I have portfolios in various countries and I always report in the exchange currency using my brokers reporting tools. But I don’t have any good reporting tools for my NZ portfolio, hence my looking at Sharesight. :slight_smile:

Hi @bellini, welcome to the forum! :tada:

This is the case for all markets/currencies, they will be converted to the base currency of the tax residency set for the portfolio.

Your solution for creating an NZD domiciled portfolio will work. If you’re tracking multiple portfolios in Sharesight, you might find a use for our Multi-Currency Valuation Report, which will allow you to see the value of your investments in different currencies.