Currency movement of exchanged dividend

Hi all,
I did a quick search on the forum but no result so far, so creating a new topic.
Anyone knows whether the ‘Currency’ on the Overview page includes exchanged dividend?

The reason I’m asking is I got some dividend in a Vanguard fund (non-hedged one), which distributes AUD, then automatically got converted to NZD by Investnow.
Now it’d be misleading when Sharesight keeps monitoring the ups and downs of currency movement for this dividend?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @finalove, welcome to the forum! :wave:

The currency gain figure reflects the changes in the market value of your shares to exchange rate movements.

Your dividends are exchanged into local currency, but there is no currency gain or loss on these. The exception is if you reinvest your dividends, then there will be a currency gain or loss.

Thanks @Jack_Sharesight , you explained exactly what I’m searching for.
Another quick question, is it possible to modify the AUD dividend to NZD ? Given in this case, I received NZD dividend from Investnow, it makes more sense to save it as NZD, rather than AUD ?

The dividend will show in the currency of the portfolio. If your portfolios tax residency is in Australia, then your dividends will show in AUD on your tax reports.

Hi @Jack_Sharesight ,
That’s what I assumed. However it seems the UI says otherwise:

It sounds to me that the holding pays its dividends in AUD, which is then converted via your broker to your bank account?

If you let me know the holding ticker code, I can confirm this.

Yes. It’s Vanguard International Shares Select Exclusions Index Fund
Thanks in advance!

Given it’s quite popular fund in NZ, I’m pretty sure others may have the same doubt.

I would say because it’s an Australian fund, that it would pay its distributions out in $AUD accordingly.

Thanks. That leads back to my original question
“Anyone knows whether the ‘Currency’ on the Overview page includes exchanged dividend?”

The currency gains/losses are only for your holdings, it does not include any conversion from dividends :+1: