VUK dividend

VUK dividend 21/6/22 does not show as a dividend received in overview or on the detailed holding page. Only appears under dividends as GBP.

I can see VUK.ASX as a dividend paid on 21/6. The dividend is in GBP so it shows in the foreign income section of the Taxable Income Report. Is that what you mean?

It could be the date filters you’re selecting to view on the overview/invalid holding page. Reach out to our support team with a few screenshots and we’ll be able to guide you further :+1:

I have the same problem. Dividends received 2018, 2019 are shown in AUD.
March & June 22 dividends showing in GBP. Tried to edit it in payment section to no avail. Selected banked amount in exchange rate box to no avail.

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Having the same problem with $US dividends shown in share sight but banked in $AUS , I dont run a cash account but would love to be able to change the amount in Share sight from $US to $AUS

It appears as foreign income but in AUD in the taxable income report but does not appear as a dividend in the portfolio overview, or when you dwell down to the individual stock report. Dividend shows as 0.00%,

If you send a screenshot to Support they should be able to help further. It could be the date range selected as Jack suggests but hard to know without seeing what you are seeing.

It seems ok for me when I loaded VUK into a test portfolio.

If you select “banked amount” in the divdend screen (see screenshot using VUK as an example) you can change the amount to the actual amount received based on the conversion done by the registry, rather than the automatically generated amount used by Sharesight