Pearler Micro

Hey guys,

I use Pearler as my broker. This query is for Pearler Micro trades only.

I use Micro for round ups as an addition to my main portfolio. All my other holdings in Pearler are updated in Sharesight no problems.

However, with Micro, it does not integrate with Pearler for automatic updating in Sharesight, nor does Sharesight accept the contract notes for Micro trades.

I have tried adding the trades into Sharesight manually, however, regardless of what I make the unit price and how many units were purchased, Sharesight uses the actual price on the date of purchase and then multiplies that buy the number of units that I actually purchased, which is giving me a much larger purchase and overall holding than I actually have.

I hope that makes sense.

Any ideas on how to import or manually add micro purchases so that the trade entered accurately reflects how many units were purchased and at what price?


Hi @morgs welcome to the community!

Unfortunately, with Pearler’s micro-investing arm, it’s an unlisted investment so it won’t actually import the trades into your portfolio via the integration. Do you get provided with the assets within the micro-investing trades and what’s allocated where?

Hey Jack,

Thanks for the reply.

The only info I have is on the contract notes for each purchase. The platform shows me the total units I own and the performance.

Is it possible to manually enter the details of each purchase from the contract notes into Sharesight to get correct results, as opposed to the issue I keep getting (in my first post)?


Can you send an example contract note to our support team and we can dive into this deeper? :+1:

Hey Jack,

Sorry for yet another tardy reply.

Thanks for the help. I have attached a copy for you.

@morgs cheers for that. So we definitely won’t be able to support these trades, because they look like a group of assets invested in (they’re not a listed asset). So you’ll have to enter your trades manually into a custom investment for each micro-investment category.

Hey Jack,

That was what I thought might be the case.

Thanks for your help!