Importing Selfwealth trades via csv

“Import from a broker” seems to be broken for me for SelfWealth. I followed the instructions of the help article exactly on how to export a CSV for trades & other (in my case, I have 10 transactions so far in the csv)…

…but every time sharesight says: “No trades were found for the selected account and date range”, and nothing imports. Is anyone else getting this?

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Hi @p2b please get in touch with our support team via the chat window or email They will help you to get this sorted.

One thing that does work really well from Self Wealth is the email of trades. I use this all the time so never need enter manually a new self wealth trade in Sharesight. Setting up the email in Self Wealth you need to enter via the web site not the app. It is a bit buried away near the bank details on one of the tabs but Self Wealth support will help with this.

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@goronwyprice just to touch on this, we’ve got a nice 2-minute video on how to set this up in SelfWealth. I’ve pasted this below:

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I had the same problem but I found a solution. I use Chrome and it was set to automatically open .csv files in Excel as soon as they are downloaded. The problem is that .csv files change their date to US (MM/DD/YYYY) format without you knowing (this is a problem I’ve tackled in VBA macro coding before). Once the file is opened you can’t change it back - even if you manually change it.
So… I followed these instructions

In Chrome can you tap the 3 dots (top right) > Settings > scroll down bottom to Advanced > scroll down to the “Downloads” Header> then tap Clear where it says “You have chosen to open certain file types automatically after downloading”.

When I exported the CSV out of SelfWealth without it automatically opening in Excel the import process into Sharesight worked no problem.

Hope that helps.

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