Selfwealth USD Dividends Processing fee!

So I found out today that the dividend income reported in Sharesight differed to what was deposited into my Selfwealth Account. After talking to SelfWealth Support they directed me to the below article.

Blockquote A small processing fee is also applied to US dividends. The fee is distributed across all holders of that stock, therefore is not a fixed percentage or dollar amount.

I cant see a way to easily record this discrepancy for tax time in Sharesight.
Any idea’s?

@Jack_Sharesight perhaps?

Where the dividends are auto entered by Sharesight there is the option to manually enter the banked amount and not use the system calculated amount. I think that would work. That is how I enter my overseas dividends, because the exchange rate the bank charges always is a bit different than the Sharesight rate so I need adjust the dividend amount.


I was more getting at having it report as a Fee more so than adjusting the dividend amount.

Yes I guess that would be better. Although you would likely have to enter two extra transactions with each dividend - the exchange rate and the fee.

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@mlantry There’s no real way to enter processing fees associated with dividends. You could either manually enter this in your cash account (if you have one) or if it’s on a DRP, add it in the brokerage.

@Jack_Sharesight if I manually add that as a fee in cash account, is that reportable at Tax time? Thats the bigger question.

@mlantry, unfortunately, it won’t show in any tax reporting. But you can export your cash account transactions into a CSV or PDF file, so you can have some kind of export to use in conjunction with the tax reporting.