Accumulation funds - dividends


I’m assessing Sharesight for tracking a few portfolios within the family.

We have quite a few accumulation funds. These generate dividends that are not distributed (obvs) but sharesight shows them as income. I fear therefore that the reporting is effectively showing the dividend twice: once within the capital increase and once within income.

e.g. I have one fund with an aggregate cost base of £1522. Both my broker & Sharesight agree that the capital increase has been 74%. However, Sharesight also shows income of 52% leading to an overall increase of 126%. Wonderful return but inaccurate.

There appears to be no way of automating handling of the dividends that I can find - e.g. by converting the dividends to an increase in cost base.

There is another thread on this very topic but the answer is only that Sharesight support will get in contact. I hope there’s an answer.


Hi @db8000 , Sharesight does not distinguish between accumulation and income holdings at the moment and doesn’t have a dedicated feature to record these types of dividends; however, we may be able to propose a work around to record this.

All you need to do is add a capital call trade for each dividend payment recoded on your accumulation unit and delete the dividend payment. This will increase the cost base for the holding.
This isn’t automated, we know it’s not ideal. However, our product team is looking into coming up with an appropriate solution for these funds and our apologies for any inconvenience caused.
Please get in touch with our friendly support team if you need any further support on this.

An example here in case it helps as I had to figure out the same: Handling equalisation and accumulation units from UK/IE funds - #2 by Shelving7129

Thanks for the replies.

@Piumi_Sharesight it’s a bit of a glaring omission really. With 6 portfolios that i wish to track and therefore quite a few individual funds, it really needs to be automated. If i can’t find the time to keep up with it, the default position within Sharesight is that all the ROI reporting is inaccurate. I’m not taking out a subscription on that basis.

Is it possible to turn off the dividends for individual funds? i might not be able to track them (but i don’t need to) but at least the ROI would be accurate.

@Shelving7129 thanks for taking the time to reply. I saw your post when I searched for the answer. it is the obviously the most accurate solution. I’m after automation of this really; i’m already 92 dividends behind on one fund alone!