Discrepancy between Sharesight dividend dollar amounts and Computershare

Hi all, I’m wondering why my dividends are automatically imported with slightly wrong dollar amounts (and dates) and how to fix this.

I managed to make the dollar amounts from previous reinvestments more accurate by switching on Auto Dividend Reinvestment under Holding Settings, but they’re still off by around a dollar. See the below comparison of Sharesight and Computershare/Vanguard.

What should I be editing here? Where do I find the information for Franked Amount, Unfranked Amount, Franking Credits, and so on?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @djw welcome to the community! :wave:

It looks like you may be missing a DRP or need to change your rounding method. The $549.73 amount appears to be based on 841 units, not the 842 outlined in your first screenshot. To change the DRP method, under the Holding Settings menu on the individual holding page you’ll see a hyperlink, click this and change the method to round down and track balance. If you’ve confirmed payouts already, you’ll have to reset and reconfirm these.

The reinvestment total & units seem to be correct, so once you fix the above you should be fine moving forward.

Thanks Jack! Your advice to switch Holding Settings to round down and track balance did the trick for fixing most payments. Only one dividend per holding remains wrong (short by only 1 or 2 cents) and it’s always the first reinvested one.

I don’t know how fix these wrong dividend payments because Sharesight does some automatic number crunching that I can’t decipher or replicate in my Computershare/Vanguard documents. The top half of a payment. See the attached image for an example of what I mean.

In other words: if I want to correct a dividend payment by 1–2 cents, how do I know which field to edit?

None of these fields or their titles appear in the Computershare/Vanguard documents, an example of which you can see in the original post above.

Thanks for your help.

It’s likely attributed to rounding differences. Editing the unfranked amount will change the total payment

Thanks Jack. Confirming that I was able to fix the rounding errors by changing the unfranked amount. It automatically adjusted the other figures as you said.