Cents problem appears fixed - well done sharesight!

I posted in August 2023 about a problem that I had with my broker confirmations being loaded by broker email into Sharesight up to 5 cents incorrectly. This was because price per share was held in Sharesight to only 6 decimal places. This occurred particularly when the confirmation including transactions at many price points on the one buy or sell. This meant that Sharesight never balanced to our general ledger and was always a few cents out.
Two transactions today with multiple price points have been loaded accurately to the cent. When I edit the trades to examine them, they are now showing price to 8 decimal places which solves our problem.
There has been no mention of this fix that I can see in product updates so it is a surprise.
Hopefully the problem is now fully fixed and I say “well done” to Sharesight if this is so.

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Hi @yellowdog we are glad to hear this and thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. You are right about this, we recently increased the number of decimals you can record. This project was completed about 2 days ago.