Where do accepted dividends go?

This is probably a simple question. I haven’t been able to figure out the dividend feature. I get the indications when there is a dividend, and accept them. However, they don’t seem to go anywhere in the account. Shouldn’t they immediately go to the cash account? Where do they default to going after validating them?


I don’t think they’ll be added anywhere because Sharesight doesn’t know what you do with the dividends. You could have an automatic dividend reinvestment plan or have it paid out to your bank account. DRP could cause you to buy more shares right then, or the funds could be held until you have enough to buy a share. No way for Sharesight to know.
They’re included in the taxable income report though so you have a record of it for tax time.

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If you have DRP turned on for that share and turned on in Sharesight, they will allocate and assign more shares to you as happens in real life. Otherwise I dont think accepted goes into the cash account but that could be a good feature

I just asked sharesight this question and found the forum. Hopefully we will get answer soon.

Hi @Bensonh! We do have a sync feature for cash accounts where your buy and sell trades along with dividends will sync as they are paid into the cash account (see this link on how to set this up).

This will be delayed if you have ticked the cash account accrual toggle in the settings tab, meaning that it will appear once the paid date passes.

It should be noted, that for this sync to be available, the cash account must be in the same currency as the currency of the portfolio.