How do I update my Dividend Reinvestment Plans?

I have a DRP for one of my holdings, how do I record this in Sharesight?

When you see an automatically created dividend, you can click the “edit” button, then check the “Dividend Reinvested” box and enter the info. For newer DRP most of the stuff will be prefilled, but just make sure the number of shares issued is correct - since you may have some credit carried forward from a past DRP.

On an ongoing basis you can enable auto-reinvest dividends under the holding settings.

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I enter the cost value of each share in the DRIP an Sharesight automatically enters the number of shares as sometimes the purchased DRIP value is different from the value shown in SS

Yep I find the 2008 data to be consistently odd, but all other years is 99% good. Always double check though

Hi, does anyone know how to handle reinvested distributions where the value is < 1 unit and the amount is carried forward ? Sharesight doesn’t allow to save the distribution with 0 units issued, which makes sense. Thanks

Hi @Sgaites and welcome to the forum! :tada: This can be done, but only for selected ASX & NZX instruments where you can enable the automatic DRP trades.

If you’ve been adding in the trades manually, you can delete these then enable the automated DRP function. Once done, back in the holding settings you can change the method to ‘round down and track balance’. This will enable the carryover for the correct DRP trades.

If you get stuck, reach out to our support team directly via the chat icon in the bottom right corner and we’ll be able to assist you further :+1: