Dividend Reinvestment Question

I am testing out Sharesight with a view to signing up and am having trouble finding a stock holding that does not give the message ‘This holding does not have an option to automatically re-invest dividends’
I have entered stock mainly on LSE. Can anyone give me an idea of what stock holdings would be eligible for use with this feature as this would save me an awful lot of manual entry

Hi @hugescot & welcome to the forum! :wave:

As it stands, we only have the ability to set up automated reinvestments on selected ASX & NZX instruments.

For the LSE (and all other foreign markets), the only way to visually represent these reinvestment trades is to manually allocate that dividend to be reinvested by following the steps below:

Thanks Jack. Are there any plans in the near future to include the major markets in these kinds of features of Sharesight?

It’s something that our product team is keen to look at and we will be exploring the possibility of this in more depth next year! :+1: