Carrying over dividend reinvestment information


I have shares in the SYI ticker ETF. I have set up a dividend reinvestment plan for it. The first dividend payout has come through on sharesight (12 Jan 2023), however in the distribution on sharesight it was not put down as a reinvestment. If it were, the the number of shares would be fractional (< 1). My DRP settings are set to Round Down.

The second dividend payout was on April 14, but now the carryover from my dividend statement indicates there is enough cash to purchase 2 shares.

However, in sharesight when I click on the distribution and click on reinvestment amount, it only shows the amount from the current distribution and not the addition of the previous distribution.

Based on my actual dividend reinvestment statement, I can reinvestment in 2 more shares, but when I enter 2 shares it says there is an excess amount (payment amount. Payment available is less than reinvestment total.

Do I need to record the first dividend payment as a reinvestment even though it is fractional shares?

Can someone please explain what is going on, and if this is an appropriate way to report it as I go along?

Thank you

Hi there, you need to set up the DRP setup to “Round down and track balance” and confirm the payments in Chronological order, so that the residual balance from previous payment gets carried forward.

Please reach out to us via if you require further assistance on this.


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Thank you!