Employee share program


I am just wondering how I input my employee shares in sharesight? I have read the blog post by sharesight but it talks about employee shares that are given instead of a cash bonus. My employee share program is I get given 1 share for every 2 that I purchase. I enter the ones I pay for manually, but I don’t know how to enter the shares that I am given. They take 2 years to vest, do I enter the date as the vest date or the original date that I am given them? And do I give them a zero purchase price or the share price on the day they were given to me?

Thanks, just want to make sure I get it right for tax purposes.

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This article may help . Specifically this section:

Once you have a Sharesight account, simply enter your company shares as buy trades in your portfolio. All you need is the number of units, price, date, and you’re done.

To make things easy, I would recommend using one portfolio for your vested shares and another for unvested shares. Then when your unvested shares vest, you would simply sell them out of your unvested portfolio and buy them in your vested portfolio (at the same price and quantity). Alternatively, you could use Sharesight’s Custom Groups feature to tag vested and unvested shares and keep them in the same portfolio.