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Just wondering if you could support trade confirmation from Vanguard Personal Investor Australia? I have raised this quite a while ago. VPI does not provide email trade confirmations. Currently, only CSV and PDF files of the transactions can be downloaded from them. However, it would be beneficial if the upload process could be simplified by allowing the direct use of CSV files from VPI without the need for users to modify or manipulate the CSV columns to match sharesight data types.

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Hi Yang,

The team is currently working on this.

Do you happen to have a sell transaction of a managed fund? We have examples of buy and sell trades of ETFs, and buy transactions of managed funds.


Hi Yang,

We got a sample from VPI - they have been very helpful. Our engineers are working on this - it should be out soon.

Hi Prash,

Good to know. Thank you so much. Much appreciated!

I look forward to the update.

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Hi Yang

This is now done and available on Sharesight. See the page for instructions - or you can find them in Sharesight under the “Brokers” tab.

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