Fidelity e-mail import problem

I like the idea of updating my transactions automatically via e-mail forwarding from Fidelity. The issue for me, is that Fidelity doesn’t seem to do PDF attachments for trade confirmations, it’s just formatted into the body of the e-mail. If there’s no PDF attachment, it doesn’t appear that this feature is useful. Am I missing something?

Hi @Patrick we do support trade confirmations for Fidelity Investments US. Please get in touch with our support team via the chat window or email if you need any support on this one.

Hi Patrick. I had the exact same problem when I first tried to figure out Fidelity email trade confirmation importing. In case you haven’t resolved it already, you have to download the PDF trade confirmations from Fidelity’s website (located under the Statements section). You then have to email those downloaded PDFs yourself to your ShareSight portfolio email address. You can included multiple trade confirmation PDFs in a single email. Good luck.

Yeah, I eventually figured this out. It was kind of a let down as I thought I could just forward the fidelity e-mails on and they would get recorded. That is how @SharesightAPI sells it, anyways. It’s a several step process now, which is ok if you have a lot of trade confirmations to log, but not worth it for one or two. I find it easier to manually record in that case.