Requested integration: Boardroom Investorserve

• What feature do you want to see in Sharesight?

  • Data integration with Boardroom Investorserve
    Simplest might be to add it to the list of import sources, next to brokers

• Why do you want it?
to include a complete data set of my holdings

• How is this affecting you?
I currently need to download individual holdings for my manage fund and cannot analyze trends

• Do you currently have a workaround solution? If yes, what is it?
A god awful excel process across many holdings and accounts

• Can we reach out in future to ask follow up questions about this idea?

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Hi @leegee does your broker send you email confirmations or provide individual trade confirmations in PDF format? We may be able to support your ongoing trades via our trade confirmation emails import feature.

If you can reach out to our support team on this one we can look into this further. You can reach us through the chat icon in the bottom right corner :+1:

No - I buy direct, and I’m not seeing an exact match between the funds I invest in and the corresponding mFund you have listed for AEI, so I don’t think they are quite the same thing.

Hi @Jack_Sharesight , the email confirmations just link through to the platform itself to view the transaction. No PDF attachment available.

I would also love to see this platform integrated :slight_smile:

Agreed. I have 2 fund investments through this and would appreciate integration