INVESTNOW Broker option

Can you advise if INVESTNOW will be added to the list of brokers we can do an automatic import from?


Hi @BizWiz007 welcome to the community! :wave:

At this stage, we don’t have any support with Investnow. Does this broker provide trade confirmations in PDF format?

Hi @Jack_Sharesight, is this an Investnow issue or a sharesight issue? Are you talking to each other?
The Investnow platform does support the manual triggering of monthly investor reports which include all trading activity for the month. An import option for these would be great as an interim measure, but ultimately an automated solution is needed.

It just hasn’t come up on our radar to support. Please do send these activity statements to our support team and we’ll pass these to our dev team to see if we can support the broker :+1:

Hi @Jack_Sharesight,

Further discussion:

I’ll send a pdf in - but really we need automated support.

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