Interactive Broker Integration

Whilst I understand the integration remains in beta the continued mismatch of positions sold against current open positions continues to be a frustration that creates inaccuracy, requires continual manual intervention, and brings into question the value of the paid service. Particularly its use as the central method of reporting for taxation for someone like myself who has higher transaction volume. Data integrity is critical to user trust and experience. Whilst I understand that the exchange reported in the data may vary to the original transaction surely mapping on the backside be performed OR a function for the user to simply associate to an existing position solve this issue. Appreciate any commentary and indication of timeline to address this integration problem. Otherwise, the concept of the platform is phenomnal and to date I have been advocate of the platform to other B2B businesses.

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Hi @timfarr!

Thank you for joining the Community and for advocating for us, we really appreciate it.

Are you able to reach out to our support team directly so we can understand the issues you are experiencing further?

I’ll update this post for visibility for the community once I understand in depth the issues you’re experiencing.

Hey, I’ve been having an issue attempting to integrate my IB account with your software… this is primary reason putting me off making a purchase. Can you update me how to make an integration? Otherwise I’ll go use another system.

Hi @massivecure :wave: please get in touch with our support team via the chat window or email us on to look into this issue. If needed, our support team will get in touch with IB for you.

@timfarr , did you need to setup any reports on the IB side to get the (albeit flawed) integration working? I’ve done nonhing but add the FTP credentials IB provided and am yet to see any of my trades come across to Sharesight.

Hi! Are you referring to your historical trades? The IB integration only imports 7 days worth of buy and sell trades. Sharesight does not support options (calls or puts) or short selling so these trades won’t push through the integration.

We have created a video tutorial to guide you through how to import your trading history once you have set up the integration, you can find the link below. If you’re still having problems, please reach out to our support team directly to help!

No, I’m talking about trades that were placed after the IB integration was configured in Sharesight.

It might be best to reach out to our support team directly with this one if you haven’t already. I’ll update this thread for visibility once we’ve figured out what went wrong here :grinning:

hi, anonymousguy here (couldn’t figure out how to use my old sharesight community login so created a new one).

I ended up just using the sharesight API to do this. Shame the integration didn’t work for me :sweat: