UK and EU Mutual Funds

• Many mutual funds available in UK are listed in Europe (Ireland especially) and are not available investments in Sharesight.
• They are among the most popular and widely available in UK on all main platforms (Hargreaves , II etc). They are also the only ones available on the European Market.
• Many of my allowed investments in Pension Vehicles are mutual funds, so effectively it’s not worth subscribing to Sharesight if I cannot include them.
• There is no workaround solution unfortunately
• Can we reach out in future to ask follow up questions about this idea? Yes

It’s not ideal, but could you not set these funds as custom investments?

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Good news, we’re working on adding support for UK funds at the moment :nerd_face:I’ll talk to our product team and let you know when exactly we expect this to go live, we’re aiming for November.

@Jessinv_Sharesight I thought UK funds were already supported? Track UK mutual funds with Sharesight | Sharesight

I’ve got a couple of UK funds that are already anyway…I think the OP was asking about IE mutual funds that are available in the UK - are you adding support for those? thanks

Hi and thank you for the update. Currently no fund with ISIN starting with IE or LU is supported, i.e. any fund listed in Ireland and Luxembourg, and unfortunately there are many of them, which makes Sharesight not suitable for me and I guess for many others based in UK and especially Europe. Best, MC

I have a large number of IE/LU mutual funds in my portfolio and I’ve had to set them up as a custom investment for now. I scrape the daily prices for each fund online with Python and upload them daily using the Sharesight API. Not ideal, but this solution has worked for me so far…

unfortunately I do not have the time or skill to do that. But I think it defies the purpose of paying for this app… I use sharepad currently which has comprehensive coverage of all IE/LU/UK funds and good info and charts on them, fyi. Although no ios app like this…

Is it easy to add transactions to Sharepad to build your portfolio and are their portfolio management tools any good? Their UI looks a bit outdated!

Yes, I have just started and it’s very easy to set up. You need a word or an identifier and you find your fund. All funds offered on the biggest UK platforms (like Hargreaves ) and more are there. Prices are updated as soon as they become available. Yes their UI is a bit old style, basically for desktop. But info is good, all funds have all the info you would otherwise find by logging into broker platforms. Charting tools are good too, I think it was probably born as a charting tool. It covers all equities obviously with some specific company info.