UK Pension Funds

Any chance of adding UK Pension Funds so I can properly track all my investments within Sharesight? These are all available on platforms such as trustnet and morningstar to add to portfolios.

Hi @nv200 ,

Thank you so much for getting in touch :slight_smile:

We’re looking into adding support for these at the moment. It would be really useful if you could confirm the names of the specific funds either here or via chat.

Hello Jess

Thanks for the update

Here is a few examples I have;
Scottish Widows Baillie Gifford Managed Series 2 Pension Fund, GB00B09CCL12
Scottish Widows Pension Portfolio Two Series 2 Pension Fund, GB00B09CD637
Aviva Mixed Investment (40-85% Shares) Pn S6, GB00B0ZSNS73



Thanks @nv200 ,

I’ve passed this on to our product team and I look forward to sharing an update soon :slight_smile:

@Jessinv_Sharesight Any update on getting UK Pension funds added?

Hi @nv200!

So we’ve now expanded our support for UK Funds to include life and pension funds! You can find more details in our release notes below: