Loss of UK Fund Prices

With no prior warning all the “FundUK” funds have been delisted on Sharesight (although US and Australia funds are retained) so I can no longer enjoy automatic fund price updates on my portfolio which is a mix of funds and shares. Thanks Sharesight !

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I’ve just downgraded my plan as a result of this. What a shame! And with no warning from Sharesight…That’s not how you run a business. I’ll get in touch with them to see if the price feeds will be reinstated at some point.

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I’m not even sure how to manually update the daily prices now that the funds have been delisted… Does anyone know if they will be converted to Custom Investments?

Hi all,

This is not something that has been done intentionally by Sharesight, we are aware of an issue with prices for UK funds and are working on getting a fix out as quick as we can.

Once this is launched, I’ll update this thread :+1:


One of the main reasons for subscribing to Sharepoint was that hardly any of the regular price providers cover my UK funds too. Without this, I may also need to rethink the benefit of sharepoint subscription.

Hi @here,

The fix for this issue has been launched and you should not notice the changes back to normal on your end :+1:

Apologies for any inconvenience caused :slightly_smiling_face: