Adding Pension Funds in portfolio

Can I add SSgA North American Index Fund (GBIN: GB00B2PGHC73) in the portfolio?
I don’t see this fund appearing while adding new holding? i want to track it.

Anybody can help?

Hi @amittal6, welcome to the Sharesight forum!

Unfortunately, we don’t have the data to support pensions in Sharesight, which is why you cannot find your instrument in a search.

We’re looking to add these soon, I’ll update this post once they are live.

You can still add in your pension now, you’ll just need to add it in as a custom investment via the directions in the link below:

Thanks Jack_Sharesight for the response.
I can add it pension funds as custom investment but what it sounds like that it is still needs to be manually updated until you track the NAV of fund automatically.

Secondly, how soon you are planning to add pension funds as part of portfolio tracking?