IE funds now supported

Now that IE funds are supported by SS I wonder if anyone has had the guts to move their custom holdings into one of the newly supported funds. Would be nice to back up trades, dividends, price history, etc before merging as I understand the old custom fund will be wiped out once the merging is saved. Any input would be appreciated

Personally I couldn’t get the ‘Move into listed security’ functionality to work for the IE funds, it just showed an hourglass with no options. Reading other comments I assumed this was due to my holding being in GBP, and not Euros/USD. Adding the security manually and the very few trades I had again was easy in my situation.

i can’t therefore comment on how it handles migration of trades, dividends, etc. but I compared the prices of my custom investment v the new IE equivalent and they matched exactly (5 year period)!

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It can only be done flawlessly if the country & the currency of the fund coincide otherwise the new fund has to be added manually, all the trades added manually & the old fund deleted