Stock no longer listed on Exchange


I received a note saying a few of my stocks will ceased to be listed on NYSE - I presume they will be listed on another exchange.

Does Sharesight automatically route it to track the stock in the new exchange?

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Still having this issue

I’ve got a similar issue one of my funds has ceased to be listed, and the warning comes up in Sharesight:
This instrument is no longer listed on FundUK.

OK thats not a huge issue, I could put an annual share price valuation in manually. Except you can’t because it is still considered a listed holding in Sharesight. You can move an unlisted ‘custom holding’ to a listed holding. But it doesn’t appear you can shift back to a ‘custom holding’. The only options are Delete or Merge the holding.

As ideas or workarounds?

You can create a custom investment via the steps below:

Then, you can merge with the custom investment. Or if you want the trading history to show on the custom instrument, complete the following:

a) If there’s only a small number of trades, enter these manually on the custom investment.
b) If a larger trading history, run the All Trades Report, filter out all trades except for your GB Fund, then change the instrument and market code to what is showing on the new custom investment. Then just import this file via the CSV import.

Is this in relation to a specific instrument?